From Brazil - Has been living here for 10 years. Read project intro.
From Russia – Has been living here for nearly 2 years
“I never thought I would end up living so far away from home; and it’s surprising how you can’t just fit Russian and Australian reality in your head at the same time. But that’s the choice I’ve made, to move forward to something new.”
From UK – Has been living here for nearly 2 years
“With every pro there comes a con, with every con there comes a pro. Radical acceptance and ambition will set you free.”
From Brazil – Has been living here for 9 years
“You can leave a place but you can not leave who you are. You arrive at a new place and you can not remain who you are. You became that intricate mixture of past and present, here and there. You became one who will never again be described by a nationality.”
From Brazil – Has been living here for 2 years
“Living abroad gives me the chance to finally be incomplete. I was always pushed (by myself and others) to be complete, to be perfect, to live everybody else’s lives. I can now fulfill my desire for incompleteness, for imperfectness, and enjoy just being”
"Living abroad is such an amazing experience. Getting to know knew places, cultures and people, increases our sense of community. On the other hand, it is a constant of opposite feelings: feeling happy for the opportunity, against these sense of incompleteness, as we leave part of our history in another country. It's the fullfilment experience of building a new life and the desire to be at your hometown, around all you've known since birth. You'll never feel complete again."

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