This body of work explores the complex nature of the mind and the struggle of individuals in dealing with it. Despair attempts to portray the invisibility of mental illness. Motivated by my own experience and the realisation of its prevalence in the lives of others.
As part of this work, I produced a series of untitled images of fragments of my body, and a video that attempts to mimic the mental state of someone who suffers from mental illness - through the repetition of scenarios that are both blurred and in focus, this represents the way one might negotiate moments of depression with moments of clarity.
Throughout my personal emotional battle, I illustrated the struggle of dealing with time, (a construct with which humans have struggled throughout history), loneliness, the absence of feelings – numbness, and the overall anguish of believing that such agony will never end.

Personal note - Photography has been my personal emotional outlet, and although it takes courage to display my personal journey, there is a healing power in being able to express myself through vulnerable honesty and creativity. I feel privileged. The same way I identified myself with and found inspiration in other people’s works, I hope others can create their own personal meaning from mine, improving their social and empathic sensitivity.