Based in Sydney, Caroline Dranoff is an observer. Interested in investigating people’s connections to each other, to nature, and the exploration of identity, she embraces vulnerability and sensibility to capture moments and create understanding without the need for a common language through digital photography.

She is a qualified Early Childhood Educator with years of experience. However, her artistic flair and passion for photography have led her to pursue a career in the Photography field. Caroline’s first contact with a professional camera was back in Brazil, in 2004. At the time she was studying for a Bachelor of Communication – majoring in Advertising; however, as the explorer that she is, in 2006 she decided to travel, another of her passions. Arriving in Sydney, a place that has also become home.

While studying and working in the Education field, she completed her Diploma in Professional Photography and bought her first camera in 2011. Five years later, she learned a few things about life and chose to pursue her photographic practice, returning to university. She completed her Bachelor of Design in Photography and Situated Media at the University of Technology Sydney in 2020.
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